Crystal Navajo Weaving : Historic : GHT 812

You can feel the power in this design just by looking at it, can't you?  Lightning bolts shoot out from all sides, saw-tooth lines adorn each corner, and a fierce brown and red step border contain all of the energy from escaping.  

The weaver who brought this piece to life used hand-spun native wool and achieved gorgeous color control and shading.

This large piece would bring confidence and energy to any room in which it lived.  It would look amazing as a game table cover, or as a bed cover.  Can you see this on a wall in a large corporate office or lobby?  How about the centerpiece in a room filled with Stickley style antiques?  

Style Crystal
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1930s
Size 6′ x 9′ (1.82M x 2.74M)
Item # GHT 812
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Type: Crystal

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