Jewelry : Vintage Fred Harvey Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Fred Harvey Era Cuff Bracelet
circa 1920-1940
Petrified Wood Stone : 1″ x 5/8″
Navajo--Thunderbird stamp

5 1/4″ of Silver with 7/8 ″ opening
1 1/4″ Cuff width at the widest point

Fred Harvey was a visionary.  As railroads made their way across the country, travelers had to make due with poor food on their journey.  Fred established eating and lodging establishments along the route and entered into a brilliant agreement with the Santa Fe Railroad.  He built all along the south west with a different hotel and restaurant located every 100 miles or so. In addition to the necessity genius he showed, he had a entrepreneurial spirit.

Genteel travelers from high society had never been exposed to Native American culture and became eager consumers of pottery, arts, jewelry, baskets, and rugs. Travel to the southwest became very alluring as he worked to change the impression of the wild Indian to a peaceful and skilled artisan.After Harvey died in 1901 his family carried on his amazing legacy. 

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