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Navajo Rugs Have Transformed My Home

Navajo Rugs Have Transformed My Home

The first thing I would say is everyone who comes into the home and sees the large Navajo rug in the living room remarks that this single item has transformed the way the whole house looks - and without me soliciting comments!  The next thing I notice is that most of the time they suddenly sit down on the sofas and just start remarking how much this one large rug has enhanced the beauty of the living room!  Many have remarked that the Navajo rug I chose from yall for this room even matches the stonework colors in the living room!  Truthfully I never had anyone remark about the Costco rug I had in this room ever!  And I give yall all the credit for the real life photography on your website which enabled me to make the decisions. I had no idea this would elicit so many comments. 

The Navajo rugs I have purchased from you have really transformed the comfort and beauty level in my opinion of this nice house in a gated community here in Austin.  Another interesting observation is how my cocker spaniel Rocky likes all of the Navajo rugs I have purchased from you - and how he seems to claim them!!  When he is in the office looking out and being the watch dog he is, he puts his well fed rear end right on the Navajo rug - and not the wooden flooring anymore!  

So that is testimony number 2 for my observations of this dogs' reaction to his new "purchase" from yall.  

The beautiful Navajo rugs I have purchased from you are in 5 words - beautiful, transformational, worth the money (in my opinion)!  And I might add the Navajo rug I purchased from you for the room I use as an office in the front part of the house has made me totally 'unclutter' this room because I like the look and 'feel' of this room so much more now because of this beautiful Navajo rug from yall. 

Thanks again.

Dale in Austin Texas

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