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Elsie Bia - This Woman - These Hands

Elsie Bia - This Woman - These Hands

Blessed by Spiderwoman to Create Art

Elsie Bia is an incredibly gifted Master Weaver.  When we open a new exhibit at the ranch she will pack up her loom from the reservation, reassemble it here, and give the most fascinating weaving demonstrations for all who come to the Open House on March 11th for the Navajo Textiles as Modern Art exhibit.

It was mesmerizing we watched her complete this incredible piece. It's one of the most difficult parts of weaving and we were honored that she chose to share it with our guests. Each piece of art that she weaves is of the highest quality. Elsie LOVES to weave, and it's clearly evident.  Learn more about this weaver gifted by Spiderwoman and shop her weavings.  Click here


There are four short videos of Elsie with this piece that you can watch on our Facebook page. We also have videos where Steve talks about individual weavings from this exhibit.  


Daylight Saving Time

Fun trivia fact:  Arizona, Hawaii, and our overseas territories do NOT observe Daylight Saving Time.  

However, the Navajo DO observe Daylight Saving Time on tribal lands!




Come! Be our Guest ...

We had a full gallery as folks came for the Navajo Textiles as Modern Art exhibit opening and more than 60 weavings spanning a period of over 130 years were on display.

If you couldn't make it, contact us for a personal tour! The exhibit runs until June 30th. 
Phone:  520-455-5020 
Email: steve@navajorug.com

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