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Weaving a Navajo Rug - Beginning to End

Weaving a Navajo Rug - Beginning to End

Elsie Bia preparing her loom for her next weaving - 2019.  Times have changed - but over all Navajo weaving has remained the same.  We don't know yet what style she will weave - but sure it will be fabulous!  Go Elsie!


Navajo weaving never ceases to amaze us - even after all these years!!! 

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We often think about the early weavers and how incredible it is that they created magnificent art under the harshest of conditions with the simplest of materials. Tree limbs for looms,  their sheep for the wool, hand carved tools to spin and weave and natural elements such as flowers and trees to dye the wool.  Organic from beginning to end.   

Many clients ask if weavers follow a pattern - and if not how in the world do they create such beautifully complex designs that are a perfect mirror image?  Our answer is simple:  Spider Woman.  She taught the Navajo how to weave, how to create beauty in their own life and to spread the "Beauty Way" teaching of balance within the mind, body & soul.  The gift of Spider Woman lives in every Navajo weaver.  

How do weavers come up with their designs?  Some weavers we work with tell us they were inspired by a photo,  others say the design lives in their mind and a few say the designs come to them in their dreams.  

For the last several years Elsie Bia has come to Nizhoni Ranch for special events and to weave live in person for our clients and visitors. To see Navajo weaving in person is extremely rare.  We are appreciate that Elsie shares her gift with us. 

Elsie preparing her loom for the opening of the Nizhoni Ranch Woven Holy People Exhibit 2016

Live weaving at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

Elsie's weaving close to completion

Elsie's final product - Hero Twin Yei, with Spider Rock, home of Spider Woman in the background. (Sorry - this one has gone to a new home)

 Click here to view available weavings by Elsie Bia!

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