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Beth's Navajo Weaving of the Week April 23 2018

Beth's Navajo Weaving of the Week April 23 2018


I love Chief blankets.  The colors, the dimensions and the linear designs.  You can wear them,  throw them on a bed,  over the back of a couch,  hang on a wall , well... you get the idea.

This piece is woven with beautiful browns, indigo, cochineal red, and white. It measures 4'7" x 5'7".  Circa 2015.  

This was woven by Kathy Marianito.  The Marianito Family (Kathy, Jamie, Lucie, Jalucie, Laverta, Julia Upshaw and more) have been weaving for Steve since the late 1990's.  When you see one of our Churro Chief Blankets, I can pretty much guarantee it is woven by a member of the Marianito Family. 

Kathy Marianito Navajo Master Weaver
Master Weaver Kathy Marianito

Chief Manuelito, who was a prominent Navajo leader before, during and after Bosque Redondo is Kathy's Great Great Grandfather.  Kathy's design inspiration for this weaving came from a blanket she remembers her Great Great Grandmother wove for Manuelito. 

 Chief Manuelito Navajo

Watch this video of Kathy explaining the design and the significance of the stars in this weaving.

Have a great week!

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