Dazzled Eye Exhibit Draws Crowd

January 18, 2017

Dazzled Eye Exhibit Draws Crowd

A sneak peak at the Dazzled Eye Exhibit at the Tucson Desert Art Museum - A big hit!! Catalogs are $10. Call 520-455-5020 or email Steve@navajorug.com to order your copy today.

Opening Night! Everyone enjoyed the Exhibit !!

Steve Getzwiller and Alyssa Travis

Curator Alyssa Travis and the Collector Steve Getzwiller

Center Room with Blankets Galore !

Steve and Robin joking around - and a little more serious below...

Navajo Weaving Exhibit

Jeff & Anne Gartner with Gail & Steve Getzwiller

Steve & Gail Getzwiller with Brandy & Larry Dyer

Navajo Weaving Exhibit

Everyone's Favorite Wall !


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Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell

February 18, 2017

Beautiful wish I could be there, I won’t be down in that area till the 20 of July, the pics are great

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