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Talk at Wickenburg Museum Today November 8th

Talk at Wickenburg Museum Today November 8th

Steve will be giving a talk today, 12 -5pm, Tuesday November 8th 2016, at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg Arizona. Part of the "RIDE THROUGH HISTORY" SADDLES THAT SHAPED THE WEST EXHIBIT

Steve & Gail loaned Navajo Saddle Blankets to the exhibit to help show off the wonderful Saddles on display all hand crafted by Carson Thomas of Wickenburg Arizona.


Navajo Saddle Blankets

Above is a sneak preview of just a few of the many saddles and saddle blankets in the exhibit. The saddles are all replicas of the original saddles that Shaped American History - made to scale! Incredible!! And the blankets are all original historic Navajo Saddle Blankets.

Navajo Saddle Blankets

Steve talking with some Museum Patrons at the Exhibit Opening. The Saddles, Navajo Saddle Blankets, and Fine Art displayed together give you a real feel for how the west was shaped!

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